What is the F.A.T.P.Q.?
Founded in 1964, this organization includes piano tuners, technicians and tuner-technicians.

Who can be a member of this group?
Only specialists in the field who have proven their competence by passing a difficult exam can join the movement.

What are the objectives of the F.A.T.P.Q.?
To better inform consumers so they can keep their piano in good condition. To promote the development of members, so they are able to offer better services. To advise consumers in the purchase of a piano responding to their needs.

How often should I have my piano tuned?
To stabilize its frequency, a new piano requires three annual tunings for the first two years and at least twice a year thereafter.

Is a certain time of year better for tuning my piano?

No, contrary to popular myth, this work can be performed at any time of the year without affecting the quality

Can you get by without tuning your piano?
No, since waiting too long before tuning reduces the piano’s tonality and weakens the tension on the strings; the soundboard gets deformed, which may cause cracks that are difficult to repair. So it pays to maintain your instrument regularly, as this will ensure better performance and greater durability.

What is the importance of proper regulation?
This is as important as tuning. This operation will restore the original performance of your piano, since it is done taking into account specific proportions and measures. It prevents breakage that can lead to costly repairs in addition to giving you all the necessary sensitivity for an accurate and nuanced touch.


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